Synth Sisters


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Euphoria indeed!

This is the duo’s long-awaited second release from Osaka-based Synth Sisters, following their 2014 debut. Consisting entirely of new recordings, featuring Mayuko’s synthesizers, and Rie’s electric piano and synthesizers as well as her celestial vocals. The euphoria on offer here features equal parts of angelic arpeggios, seraphic sequences, meditative melodies and transcendental timbres, masterfully mixed and mastered by Kabamix. The pieces, all composed and produced by Rie Lambdoll, combine drifting drones with rhythmic elements sure to appeal to fans of Tangerine Dream; (Terry) Riley-esque meditations melding with psychedelic musings in blissful ease.

Synth Sisters: Euphoria

w o n d e r f u l Synth Sisters 7' 35''
Labyrinth Synth Sisters 6' 54''
Euphoria Synth Sisters 7' 54''
She Sang Synth Sisters 5' 15''
Different Story Synth Sisters 4' 14''
Until the World Breaks Up Synth Sisters 5' 52''
Time Is Flowing There Synth Sisters 5' 59''
I Am Here Synth Sisters 6' 28''

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