TG Mauss

Ghosts - Hans Nieswandt Discomix

Karaoke Kalk Kalk 104
  • 12”: One-sided vinyl
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With his 3rd album Dear Stranger, Duesseldorf artist TG Mauss appeared 2013 for the first time on Berlins quality music label Karaoke Kalk. Proving once more his skills in meshing up folk pop with electronic music, he left a big mark at Hans Nieswandt (Whirlpool Productions), who now throws the track Ghosts into the club: a grooving funk bass played by Levent Canseven meets a rattling hi-hat and spacey soundeffects. Mauss voice makes the disco ball and our dancing hearts pause for a moment, just to explode on the dance floor. That's what you call state-of-remix-art.

TG Mauss: Ghosts - Hans Nieswandt Discomix

Ghosts (Hans Nieswandt Discomix) TG Mauss 8' 15''

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