Tarquin Manek

Tarquin Magnet

Blackest Ever Black Blackest047LP
  • LP: Includes download, printed inner sleeve
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A unique synthesis of time-dilating folk-jazz romanticism, brittle chamber dub and plasmic post-techno electronics, Tarquin Magnet is Australian artist Tarquin Manek's first full solo release on Blackest Ever Black, but by no means his first contribution to the label: he is one half of Tarcar (with Carla dal Forno) and a member of F ingers (with dal Forno and Sam Karmel).

Manek has been busy elsewhere, too: he released Th Duo, an LP made under his LST alias, on Another Dark Age earlier this year.

The disturbed and enchanted environments of Tarquin Magnet are the result of improvisation, domestic field recording and fastidious editing; for all its rough textures and strange juxtapositions, this is masterfully mixed and arranged music, its deep spatial dynamics and higher dub logic powerfully apparent.

Tarquin Manek: Tarquin Magnet

Sassafras Gesundheit Tarquin Manek 13' 34''
Fortunes Past Tarquin Manek 1' 25''
Fortunes Begun Tarquin Manek 3' 07''
Perfect Scorn Tarquin Manek 10' 28''
Blackest Frypan Tarquin Manek 6' 17''

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