Terminal Sound System

The Endless Sea

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  • LP: Includes download, 180 gram vinyl, printed inner sleeves
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From Rebirth and a four track recorder in the year 1999 to broken tape machines, untuned guitars/synths and extreme signal processing an eternity later, Terminal Sound System has remained the primary musical outlet for musician/producer Skye Klein.

It is about stories. There is a narrative, albeit disjointed. Tends to come in threes, like dramatic characters; introduction, exploration, disintegration. It’s about stories, creating a world with sound and words and exploring that until it (inevitably) folds back on itself and starts to self-reference, decay, but also sprout appendages, potentialities.

Roughly a dozen releases have tracked the evolution of Terminal Sound System from post-techno dub experiment to post-everything world-building/destroying. The Endless Sea is the third part of a trinity that began with 2013's 'A Sun Spinning Backwards'. Worlds fell, necessary actions were taken. What happens after exodus, when all is left behind and you get a blank slate? Do we replay the past? Recreate or reimagine?

2015's 'Dust Songs' and 'The Endless Sea' bleed into one another, drawing to conclusion this particular arc. The wave curls back on itself, corrosion amplified. There are more questions here than answers, far more uncertainties than truths. Post-industrial folk stories from a barren earth. Scorched and infinite.

Terminal Sound System: The Endless Sea

For the Silent Terminal Sound System 6' 38''
Verses Terminal Sound System 7' 38''
Living Light Terminal Sound System 6' 01''
Sunlight We Fall Terminal Sound System 8' 56''
The Hum Terminal Sound System 5' 08''
The Endless Sea Terminal Sound System 4' 56''

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