The 7th Plain

Chronicles I

A-Ton A-Ton 01 LP
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A-TON is a new edition and platform of Berghain's in-house imprint Ostgut Ton, focussing on ambient, archive and alternative music, differing from the club-focussed records on the main label. Furthermore the first A-TON offering – Chronicles | – marks the start of a series from Luke Slater's The 7th Plain moniker, with remastered, previously released and unheard archive material.

First published on General Production Recordings between 1993 and 1996, Slater's The 7th Plain pushed the further burgeoning genre of ambient music towards its boundaries by not limiting itself to mostly beatless synth pads, but by including propulsive beat progressions, nuanced rhythms and subtle melodies. The 7th Plain's extramundane music dodged classification, as heard on the albums The 4 Cornered Room and My Yellow Wise Rug (both on GPR, 1994) – emotional, eerie and escapist music, at the time of release forward thinking records that in retrospect managed to overcome time.

The 7th Plain: Chronicles I

Boundaries The 7th Plain 00' 00''
extra (the 7th plain remix) The 7th Plain 00' 00''
grace The 7th Plain 00' 00''
surface bound The 7th Plain 00' 00''
the super 8 The 7th Plain 00' 00''
t funk states The 7th Plain 00' 00''
slip 7 sideways The 7th Plain 00' 00''
chords are dirty The 7th Plain 00' 00''

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