The Belbury Circle

Outward Journeys

Ghost Box GBX029LP
  • LP: Includes download, incl. printed inner sleeve
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The first full length LP for this collaborative project between Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) and Jim Juapp (Belbury Poly). John Foxx features on vocals and syanth on two tracks, Trees and Forgotten Towns, reprising his appearance on The Belbury Circle's debut EP, Empty Avenues in 2013.

Brooks and Jupp go back to their musical roots with this release, but there's no weird children's TV or haunted soundtracks here. It's a joyfully re-imagined soundworld that draws heavily on late 70s and early 80s synth pop and library music. An exciting transitional era that first saw the pair taking up synths as kids. With interlocking analogue sequencers, driving rhythms, soaring lead lines, primitive sampling, and its themes of travel and return, the album evokes the eve of the digital era, when "Tomorrow's World" was still an exciting possibility.

The Belbury Circle: Outward Journeys

No Cat's Eyes The Belbury Circle 4' 44''
Forgotten Town The Belbury Circle 4' 05''
Cloudburst Five The Belbury Circle 3' 38''
Transports The Belbury Circle 3' 51''
Light Industry The Belbury Circle 4' 36''
Café Kaput The Belbury Circle 4' 48''
Trees The Belbury Circle 4' 11''
Departures Int. The Belbury Circle 4' 47''
Heading Home The Belbury Circle 5' 07''

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