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Tomorrow Time

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Next in The Boats’ vital vinyl reissue series, their 3rd album Tomorrow Time [2006] finds Andrew Hargreaves and Craig Tattersall embracing a host of collaborators on a fuzzy, downbeat blend of ambient and indie-pop themes, wrapping fragile vocals from Elaine Reynolds and Chris Stewart (Need More Sources) to a patented framework of prepared piano, strings and elusive electronics in the wake of their instrumental duo session, We Made It For You [2005].

With the benefit of hindsight, Tomorrow Time takes on a curiously prescient nature; arriving a year prior to the biggest financial collapse for generations, at a time when the “authenticity” of folk music was fetishised by posh people as Wyrd Folk (or smth?) and the other main cultural points of reference were either retro-indie guitar bands, IDM or boisterous grime and dubstep.

However, The Boats’ combination of lower case pop with rustling electro and acoustic textures quietly stuck out like a sore toe, and when combined the aggressive title tracks points towards a quiet but growing dissatisfaction with perceived excess in music, culture, or at least the same old same old.

In that sense, the group’s roots in avant garde minimalism and myriad other non-commercial and pop styles really come thru on Tomorrow Time, but carefully distilled into an absorbing, subtly detailed sounds they can claim as their own, and quite unlike anything before or since - although many have tried to imitate it!

The Boats: Tomorrow Time

A Sincere Fuck You The Boats
May Our Enemies Never Find Happiness The Boats
This Song Is One Colour The Boats
If You Leave Can I Come To The Boats
I Never Had You Down As A Liar The Boats
You're An Idiot The Boats
I'm Talking Facts Not Shit The Boats
The List Of Our Mistakes The Boats
Industrial Violence Venus and Mars When Planets Collide The Boats
Go To Sleep Or I'll Put You To Sleep The Boats
Wasn't Changing Your Mind An Option The Boats

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