The Body

I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer.

Thrill Jockey Thrill 460-LP
  • 2LP: Includes download, gatefold sleeve with spot UV varnish, incl. printed inner sleep, initial copies on silver high melt vinyl
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On their follow up to 2016’s acclaimed No One Deserves Happiness, the Portland duo of Lee Buford and Chip King conjure the sublime from the unexpected by turning their compositional approach on its head.

The Body continue to defy the constraints of what it means to be a “heavy” band, seamlessly combining diverse influences for an utterly singular sound. The album’s contributors include Kristin Hayter (Lingua Ignota), Michael Berdan (Uniform), and Ben Eberle (Sandworm), as well as frequent collaborator Chrissy Wolpert (Assembly of Light Choir). Production was handled by Machines With Magnets (Lightning Bolt, Battles).

The Body transcend musical boundaries. Their ambitious creativity shapes their bleak worldview into propulsive, affecting, and even danceable music often drenched in distortion.

The Body: I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer.

The Last Form Of Loving The Body 3' 34''
Can Carry No Weight The Body 4' 30''
Partly Alive The Body 4' 23''
The West Has Failed The Body 3' 39''
Nothing Stirs The Body 5' 56''
Off Script The Body 5' 29''
An Urn The Body 4' 04''
Blessed, Alone The Body 3' 58''
Sickly Heart Of Sand The Body 5' 35''
Ten Times A Day, Every Day, A Stranger The Body 8' 32''

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