The Caretaker

Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stages 1-3

History Always Favours The Winners HAFTW0103CD
  • 3CD: 8 panel digifile
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Compiling the first 3 albums in the 'Everywhere At The End Of Time' series - two and a half hours long, each album reveals new points of progression, loss and disintegration, progressively falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness...

Embarking on the Caretaker’s final journey with the familiar vernacular of abraded shellac 78s and their ghostly waltzes to emulate the entropic effect of a mind becoming detached from everyone else’s sense of reality and coming to terms with their own, altered, and ever more elusive sense of ontology.

The series aims to enlighten our understanding of dementia by breaking it down into a series of stages that provide a haunting guide to its progression, deterioration and disintegration and the way that people experience it according to a range of impending factors.

In other words, Everywhere At The End of Time probes some of the most important questions about modern music’s place in a world that’s increasingly haunted or even choked by the tightening noose of feedback loops of influence; perceptibly questioning the value of old memories as opposed to the creation of new ones, and, likewise the fidelity of those musical memories which remain, and whether we can properly recollect them from the mire of our faulty memory banks without the luxury of choice.

The Caretaker: Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stages 1-3

It's just a burning memory The Caretaker 3' 32''
We don't have many days The Caretaker 3' 30''
Late afternoon drifting The Caretaker 3' 36''
Childishly fresh eyes The Caretaker 2' 58''
Slightly bewildered The Caretaker 2' 02''
Things that are beautiful and transient The Caretaker 4' 34''
All that follows is true The Caretaker 3' 32''
An autumnal equinox The Caretaker 2' 47''
Quiet internal rebellions The Caretaker 3' 31''
The loves of my entire life The Caretaker 4' 04''
Into each others eyes The Caretaker 4' 36''
My heart will stop in joy The Caretaker 2' 41''
A Losing Battle Is Raging The Caretaker 4' 38''
Misplaces In Time The Caretaker 4' 43''
What Does It Matter How My Heart Breaks The Caretaker 2' 38''
Glimpses Of Hope In Trying Times The Caretaker 4' 43''
Surrendering To Despair The Caretaker 5' 04''
I Still Feel As Though I Am Me The Caretaker 4' 08''
Quiet Dusk Coming Early The Caretaker 3' 37''
Last Moments Of Pure Recall The Caretaker 3' 53''
Denial Unravelling The Caretaker 4' 16''
The Way Ahead Feels Lonely The Caretaker 4' 15''
Back There Benjamin The Caretaker 4' 15''
And Heart Breaks The Caretaker 4' 05''
Hidden Sea Buried Deep The Caretaker 1' 20''
Libets All Joyful Camaraderie The Caretaker 3' 13''
To The Minimal Great Hidden The Caretaker 1' 41''
Sublime Beyond Loss The Caretaker 2' 11''
Bewildered In Others Eyes The Caretaker 1' 51''
Long Term Dusk Glimpses The Caretaker 3' 34''
Gradations Of Arms Length The Caretaker 1' 32''
Drifting Time Misplaced The Caretaker 4' 16''
Internal Bewildered World The Caretaker 3' 29''
Burning Despair Does Ache The Caretaker 2' 37''
Aching Cavern Without Lucidity The Caretaker 1' 19''
An Empty Bliss Beyond This World The Caretaker 3' 36''
Libet Delay The Caretaker 3' 58''
Mournful Cameraderie The Caretaker 2' 39''

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