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In 1977 The Congos linked with Lee “Scratch” Perry at The Black Ark Studio to record their debut album. They made the masterpiece “Heart of the congos” and it became one of the best Roots Reggae albums in history...

When Blood & Fire reissued “Heart of the congos” Bregt “Puraman” De Boever found this album and was struck by the magic and mystic of this album. He began to sing along and was inspired to start his own Reggae band Pura Vida. At the same time he started to build his studio The Lost Ark Studio with the guidance of DJ Crossfire.

When Pura Vida’s debut “Struggle in the city” was released in 2009, Puraman met The Congos backstage at a show in Ghent. They liked the sound and invited Puraman to come to Jamaica. Puraman stayed for 2 weeks with Ashanti Roy in Kingston and the plan for an album was made. One year later “We nah give up” was released marking the birth of the Belgian Roots Muzik label Lost Ark Music. The link with The Congos stayed and Ashanti Roy became the Godfather of Lost Ark Music. He guided Puraman and his brother Maarten to build up the label step by step.

Lost Ark Music released 2 albums with Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida “Hard Road” & “Step By Step” & Pura Vida did some magical live shows with Ashanti Roy. In 2014 Puraman met his Idol Lee ”Scratch” Perry and they made “The Super Ape Strikes Again” together. The ark was no longer lost and Puraman moved to a new studio, The Last Ark Studio.

Puraman kept on recording with The Congos and plans for a new album were made in 2017. The album is called “Morning Star” and is a combination of the sound of The Congos and the Pura Vida Sound. It features 6 new Congos songs, 3 songs from Pura vida and a dubversion called Dub Love. The Album has the vintage Last Ark Sound and was mixed the oldschool way using the mixer as an instrument.

It features the voices of Roydel “Ashanti Roy” Johnson, Cedric Myton Derrick “Watty” Burnett, Kenroy “Tallash” Fyffe & Bregt “Puraman” De Boever. All the music was recorded at The Last Ark Studio using vintage gear and instruments. There is also a guest appearance by Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, the famous Reggae drummer and Moviestar, which is one of Puraman’s favorite Reggae drummers...

(180 gr, Purple/pink/white marbled coloured vinyl)

The Congos & Pure Vida: Morning Star

Teach Dem The Congos & Pure Vida
Jah Love The Congos & Pure Vida
Nobody Chose Life The Congos & Pure Vida
Life Can Be Hard The Congos & Pure Vida
Morning Star The Congos & Pure Vida
It's All Over Now The Congos & Pure Vida
In The Ghetto The Congos & Pure Vida
Jahrusalem The Congos & Pure Vida
Don't Stress It The Congos & Pure Vida
Dub Love The Congos & Pure Vida

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