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Dragnet is arguably The Fall's best-known album. With the departure of Martin Bramah after Live At The Witch Trials, the band underwent yet another lineup shift in late 1979. Marc Riley switched to guitar and Steve Hanley joined on bass; the latter's signature basslines would become a major part of The Fall for the next two decades.

Opening track "Psykick Dancehall" strikes like an elusive, working-class anthem with its bouncy tempo changes and Mark E. Smith's unfiltered vocals raining down on the dance-floor. "Dice Man" takes its direction from disheveled beats, stuttering lyrics and asymmetrical phrasing. Somehow Dragnet manages to be even more lo-fi than The Fall's debut, yet reveals a cohesive sound and fierce songs that would further build the band's cult following.

Superior Viaduct's edition is the first time that Dragnet has been available on vinyl in the USA since its initial release in 1979. Liner notes by Brian Turner.

The Fall: Dragnet

Psykick Dancehall The Fall 1' 30''
A Figure Walks The Fall 1' 30''
Printhead The Fall 1' 30''
Dice Man The Fall 1' 30''
Before The Moon Falls The Fall 1' 30''
Your Heart Out The Fall 1' 30''
Muzorewi's Daughter The Fall 1' 30''
Flat Of Angles The Fall 1' 30''
Choc-Stock The Fall 1' 30''
Spectre Vs Rector The Fall 1' 30''
Put Away The Fall 1' 30''

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