The Feelies

Here Before

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After a 19 year break, the Feelies are back with Here Before, an album of all new original material. The new album touches on different styles from the Feelies’ long history while adding new grooves and musical ideas to the mix. Electric and acoustic guitars melt together in archetypal Feelies fashion on songs like “Nobody Knows” and “Should be Gone”. Elsewhere there are slabs of driving garage rock like "When You Know" and "Time Is Right" and the down-tempo ”Bluer Skies,” and harmonically rich “Later On."

Here Before was recorded at Water Music in Hoboken, New Jersey produced by Feelies founders Glenn Mercer and Bill Million. Besides Glenn on rhythm/lead guitar and lead vocals, and Bill on guitar and vocals, the album features Feelies mainstays Brenda Sauter-Barnes (bass, vocals), Stanley Demeski (drums), and Dave Weckerman (percussion).

The Feelies: Here Before

Nobody Knows The Feelies 2' 52''
Should Be Gone The Feelies 3' 30''
Again Today The Feelies 3' 44''
When You Know The Feelies 3' 16''
Way Down The Feelies 3' 40''
Morning Comes The Feelies 4' 12''
Change Your Mind The Feelies 4' 39''
Here Before The Feelies 3' 19''
Time Is Right The Feelies 2' 36''
Bluer Skies The Feelies 3' 13''
On And On The Feelies 3' 53''
So Far The Feelies 3' 55''

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