The Go Find

Over The Edge Vs. What I Want

Morr Music morr 048-mcd
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following the september release of the go find's full length debut album "miami" (morr music 047, lp/cd), this is the accompanying single. It contains the album tracks "what i want" and "over the edge", without a doubt two of the go finds's most outstanding songs.
Both are the go find in a nutshell: great, accessible pop tunes to sing along to instantly, while still satisfying the more discerning listener by adding nifty electronics to this tasty indie-pop pie.
Additionally, "over the edge vs. what i want" once again musically documents the friendship between dieter sermeus, the face and voice behind the go find, and fellow belgian arne van petegem, whom you might know as morr music recording artist styrofoam. Not only helped styrofoam to produce "miami" to a huge extent, he also delivered his blinding "perfect time mix" of "what i want", which previously had only been available on morr music's promo only japan tour compilation. It clearly shows here that arne and dieter are brothers in mind for a reason!
Dieter, on the other hand, provides the "late night mix" of his very own "over the edge". With this, he slows down the original's pace, twists around his own vocals in a very subtle way and lays down a transparent carpet of warm and glitchy soundscapes.
Both the go find and styrofoam will go on a tour of north america with labelmates lali puna later this year. They'll support each other live on stage, with dieter providing the guitar for styrofoam and arne fiddling knobs for the go find. Don't miss it!

The Go Find: Over The Edge Vs. What I Want

Over The Edge The Go Find 4' 18''
Over The Edge (Late Night Remix) The Go Find 4' 14''
What I Want The Go Find 3' 46''
What I Want (Styrofoam´s Perfect Time Remix) The Go Find 2' 40''

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