The Modern Institute

Another Exhibition

Diagonal Diagonal 040 LP
  • LP: Ltd. to 500 copies, red vinyl, mirri board sleeve printed in three different colours: Gun Metal, Silver and Black, colour picked at random
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Diagonal pull out a zinging art-techno curveball with Another Exhibition at the Modern Institute, the 2nd EP by Glasgow’s hottest new prospect, The Modern Institute; an iconoclastic trio of agitators comprising Golden Teacher’s Richard McMaster and Laurie Pitt joined some droll, scaly Northern English vocalist for one of the freshest and vital blends of post-punk, art-school and techno sensibilities to emerge in recent memory.

Aimed as a snark at the middle class art gaze as much as a slippery engine for the danceloor, Another Exhibition at the Modern Institute reels six mercurial fusions of scudding, techy rhythms and sheer electronic contours strewn with drily observant vocals describing hypersensual scenarios. It’s a sound perhaps purposefully located lightyears away from Golden Teacher’s charming retro-vintage styles, and effectively gives that group’s rhythmic engine of McMaster and Pitt a space to express their more contemporary concerns.

Forming the 2nd blow of a Glasgow-centred 1-2 after Russell Haswell and Sue Tompkins’ Respondent EP, The Modern Institute swarm in formation from a white-hot electro-stepper IV Cheeks to somewhere darker, almost paranoid by the close of Dozen Cocktails, taking in a sound like Errorsmith producing for MES in Limitless Light, or Hecker doing footwork on the new beta anthem Quicksilver Lips, whilst Unbreakable Pulse and the pinging ballistics of Molton Gold short circuit the deep rooted transatlantic connection between Glasgow art punks’ afterparties and Detroit ghetto styles with a deadly swagger.

Recommended for fans of Chris Carter, DJ Stingray, Toresch, Dale Cornish, Cabaret Voltaire.

The Modern Institute: Another Exhibition

IV Cheeks The Modern Institute 2' 46''
Limitless Light The Modern Institute 3' 11''
Quicksilver Lips The Modern Institute 4' 03''
Unbreakable Pulse The Modern Institute 2' 23''
Molten Gold The Modern Institute 3' 04''
Dozen Cocktails The Modern Institute 5' 23''

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