The Mountain Goats

Transcendental Youth

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As John Hodgman so eloquently wrote in the bio for the new record, "John Darnielle has written almost 600 songs now, and some of them are very sad, dealing with hard drugs and tragic ends, hurting yourself and others, sicknesses of both body and brain, off-brand alcohols. They are told in beautiful, unnerving, specific detail because he is a very good writer, and also some of them are
just true stories about his own life. These are the consolations; and if some of his songs suggest that there are real hells on earth, other songs remind that the heavens are equally close at hand. (Sometimes they are even the same songs.) It is my impression that this is the ecstasy John Darnielle is feeling: that thrill of having survived, escaped for even a second to enjoy those small transcendent
delights, and to sing of them. Transcendental Youth is full of songs about people who madly, stupidly, blessedly won't stop surviving, no matter who gives up on them." John Darnielle has been called "America's best non-hip-hop lyricist" by the New Yorker and last year was tagged on the cover as SPIN Magazine as, "Indie Rock's Greatest Lyricist".

The Mountain Goats: Transcendental Youth

Amy Aka Spent Gladiator 1 The Mountain Goats 2' 27''
Lakeside View Apartments Suite The Mountain Goats 3' 58''
Cry For Judas The Mountain Goats 3' 13''
Harlem Roulette The Mountain Goats 3' 23''
White Cedar The Mountain Goats 3' 05''
Until I Am Whole The Mountain Goats 2' 49''
Night Light The Mountain Goats 3' 59''
The Diaz Brothers The Mountain Goats 2' 46''
Counterfeit Florida Plates The Mountain Goats 2' 23''
In Memory Of Satan The Mountain Goats 4' 01''
Spent Gladiator 2 The Mountain Goats 2' 52''
Transcendental Youth The Mountain Goats 4' 10''

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