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Emitter is the third release by UK based instrumental ensemble The Pirate Ship Quintet. This follows their highly acclaimed 2007 self-titled debut EP and 2012’s full length, Rope for No Hopers.

Once again taking their favoured DIY approach, the album was recorded and mixed by the band, giving them complete control over the record’s direction and nuance. Emitter was mastered in the US by renowned musician and engineer James Plotkin, who has also worked with the likes of ISIS, Earth and Sunn O))).

The album features a number of collaborators including award winning modern classical composer Emily Hall (Bedroom Community) adding the voices of her curated choir to ‘Companion’ and ‘Wreath’. Further vocal performances come from soloists Blythe Pepino (Vaults/Mesadorm) and award-winning singer-songwriter Emily Barker.
The title track ‘Emitter’ showcases celebrated saxophonist Andrew Hayes (Run Logan Run/Tezeta), whose bright jazz flourishes and rending wails add a deeply plaintive touch. The band’s cellist Sandy Bartai (London Symphony Orchestra and BBC National Orchestra of Wales) delivers the sombre laments that are the calling-card of The Pirate Ship Quintet.

Emitter is the band’s most ambitious release to date, shying away from traditional songwriting paradigms and encouraging the music to progress into more eclectic spaces. This has allowed the band to explore their individual tastes and influences. The album flows organically between smaller, tightly-focused pieces and longer, more expansive suites which together form a cohesive soundscape. The Pirate Ship Quintet’s core line-up consists of Sandy Bartai (cello), Alphie Matthews (guitar), Jonathan Sturgess (drums), Jonathan Ziapour (bass) and Alex Hobbis (guitar).

The Pirate Ship Quintet: Emitter

First The Pirate Ship Quintet 4' 12''
Companion The Pirate Ship Quintet 16' 54''
Third The Pirate Ship Quintet 3' 13''
Emitter The Pirate Ship Quintet 12' 00''
Fifth The Pirate Ship Quintet 3' 38''
Wreath The Pirate Ship Quintet 7' 17''
Seventh The Pirate Ship Quintet 1' 56''
Symmetry Is Dead The Pirate Ship Quintet 6' 43''
Ninth The Pirate Ship Quintet 4' 58''

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