The Sea And Cake


Thrill Jockey Thrill 186-LP
  • LP: Includes download
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This first time vinyl re-issue of The Sea and Cake’s Everybody is released to coincide with the album’s 10th anniversary and Thrill Jockey’s 25th anniversary.

A limited supply of the LP is pressed on translucent “aluminum” color vinyl, packaged in a gatefold jacket with high gloss varnish, 16 page booklet, and free download card

Everybody finds the band continuing to perfect their singular brand of dreamlike, hot-buttered pop music that sounds delicately handcrafted, yet effortless all the same. Sheets of glowing guitar tones skip along propulsive percussion underscored by gently introspective bass lines, all adorned by breathlessly delivered lines of lyrical poetry.

The Sea And Cake: Everybody

Up On Crutches The Sea And Cake
Too Strong The Sea And Cake
Crossing Line The Sea And Cake
Middlenight The Sea And Cake
Coconut The Sea And Cake
Exact to Me The Sea And Cake
Lightning The Sea And Cake
Introducing The Sea And Cake
Left On The Sea And Cake
Transparent The Sea And Cake

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