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Patience is the debut full-length album by Sante Fe-based artist Theodore Cale Schafer. Alternately murky and narcoleptic and bristling with grit and light, this collection of eight pieces is a delicate play of contrasts. Impressionistic settings unfurl with an unhurried gait, opening with the dreamlike disorientation of "Gold Chain" in which a degraded location recording gives way to a soft web of treated piano motifs. Schafer’s compositions are sumptuous yet unfussy, recalling perhaps the concise, vignette-oriented tape works of Andrew Chalk, which seem to prioritize spontaneity and ephemerality over preciousness and decorum. This approach yields substantive results, as on "It's Late", which marries a dolorous, clanging guitar sketch to the sound of change jostling in the pocket of a walker and the laughter of friends or passersby. This is diaristic music - rough-hewn, confessional, and teeming with possibility. Artwork by Andrea Bjurström. Mastered by Kassian Troyer at D&M.

Theodore Cale Schafer: Patience

Gold Chain Theodore Cale Schafer 4' 10''
No Piano Theodore Cale Schafer 9' 04''
Hunter Theodore Cale Schafer 3' 30''
Crowd Theodore Cale Schafer 4' 08''
It's Late Theodore Cale Schafer 5' 07''
Blue Fleece Theodore Cale Schafer 3' 25''
IWYWCB Theodore Cale Schafer 2' 59''
Hinoki Theodore Cale Schafer 2' 35''

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