This Kind Of Punishment

Radio Silence

Superior Viaduct SV092
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Recorded in Auckland in 1984, these archival tracks capture seminal New Zealand band This Kind Of Punishment’s unique alchemy of poignant melody and four-track claustrophobia. The previously unreleased “Radio Silence” offers an astringent, phantasmagoric comment on - and perhaps retreat from - the contemporaneous NZ scene. “Reaching An End” (from legendary compilation Killing Capitalism With Kindness) is a classic in the mold later perfected on Peter Jefferies’ solo output: unadorned piano blanketed by rich, wistful vocals, plucked strings and muffled drum beat. Less, after all, can be so much more. Cover photography by Chris Knox.

This Kind Of Punishment: Radio Silence

Radio Silence This Kind Of Punishment
Reaching An End This Kind Of Punishment

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