Thomas Dimuzio & Alan Courtis

Monk Style or Scream

MonotypeRec monoLP026
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Brought together in 2005 for a performance at San Francisco's venerable The Luggage Store Gallery, Anla Courtis and Thomas Dimuzio are introduced through the raw power of amplified music. Brothers in arms the duo remained in contact and in time began a recording project from afar. With a nod to classic cassette culture the distant combo exchanged source recordings with each artist concretely preparing a long-form work. The two tracks contained herein are a result of this collaboration.

Thomas Dimuzio & Alan Courtis: Monk Style or Scream

A Bare Bones Empty Skin Thomas Dimuzio & Alan Courtis 18'59''
As If Your Bones Were Pancakes Thomas Dimuzio & Alan Courtis 18'37''

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