Thomas Meinecke & Move D


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German veterans Thomas Meinecke and David Moufang have a long history of collaboration, dating back to the turn of the millennium. Meinecke is a legendary producer that got his beginnings in Germany's new wave scene (in band FSK) in the early '80s, while Moufang should need no introduction really - the Source Records boss collaborated in the seminal Deep Space Network with co-head Jonas Grossman, and most recently in Magic Mountain High with Juju & Jordash. Originally released in 2009, this collection of coarse, New York ballroom referencing tracks get a much awaited reissue here on DJ Hell's Gigolo imprint. Moufang and Meinecke explored this pioneering musical scene, utilising countless samples, paired with statements by those involved (dance veterans, drag queens, DJs) with their own voices and instruments.

Thomas Meinecke & Move D: Work

Say My Name Thomas Meinecke & Move D
(Time To) Wo (Time To) Thomas Meinecke & Move D
Work Me (Thats Fierce) Thomas Meinecke & Move D
Work Me (Please Don't Stop) Thomas Meinecke & Move D

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