Thought Gang

Thought Gang

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By the time Twin Peaks’ second season had aired and Fire Walk With Me had just began principle production, Thought Gang had been born. The esoteric jazz side-project of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti evolved from the seeds of Twin Peaks’ trademark slow cool jazz and blossomed into more experimental pastures: horizonless vistas of acid-soaked free-jazz, laced with spoken word narratives and sprawling noisescapes. Fire Walk With Me’s soundtrack would ultimately showcase two preliminary tracks (‘A Real Indication’ and ‘The Black Dog Runs at Night’) from a full-length album that wouldn’t see release for the next two and a half decades. Between May of 1992, and continuing throughout 1993, the bulk of the remaining material for the album was recorded in pieces. This dove-tailed into a string of contracted sessions for other Lynch-Badalamenti projects.

Thought Gang: Thought Gang

Stalin Revisited Thought Gang
Logic and Common Sense Thought Gang
One Dog Bark Thought Gang
Woodcutters from Fiery Ships Thought Gang
A Real Indication Thought Gang
Jack Paints It Red Thought Gang
A Meaningless Conversation Thought Gang
Frank 2000 Prelude Thought Gang
Multi-Tempo Wind Boogie Thought Gang
The Black Dog Runs at Night Thought Gang
Frank 2000 Thought Gang
Summer Night Noise Thought Gang

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