Tickley Feather

Tickley Feather

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TICKLEY FEATHER, the self-titled debut by Philadelphia's Annie Sachs, is a collection of Late Night path-finding sounds, gingerly home recorded using budget electronics. Selected from the past four years, these songs are washed in effects and demonstrate a barbaric yet meticulous instrumentation, along with a paradoxically, otherworldly and natural vocal style. The resulting sounds tell a secret that feels serendipitous.

Tickley Feather is Annie Sachs. She grew up in rural Virginia but has been living in Philadelphia for 5 years now. She has been using her time learning to write and record her own music as part of her nights spent at home, adapting to being the single mother of a young child. Sachs is a four tracking hobbyist who's musical spirit dwells in the realm of her own natural inclinations. She is a firm believer in doing what feels right, and in her recordings she really uses her solo status to great advantage. It adds up a very personal sound which involves all sorts of sensations from serendipity to silliness, and even the sweet and eerie sound of her little boy's voice as he tells her his ideas. Her recordings have been praised by critics from the start, with comparisons to work by artists such as Syd Barrett, Kate Bush, and Gilli Smith, and all the while being given credit for having a sound that is completely its own. Now she's coming in from the outside to share her songs and it's precious beyond value.

Tickley Feather: Tickley Feather

I've Got Magic Inside My Bones Somewhere Tickley Feather 08''
Ooooo Tickley Feather 46''
Buttshot Tickley Feather 2' 41''
The Python Tickley Feather 1' 52''
Fancy Walking Tickley Feather 2' 32''
There's This Magic Spell Right Inside Your Bones Tickley Feather 11''
Noisey Dingle Tickley Feather 19''
Nothing 2 B Sad About Tickley Feather 1' 52''
Le Daylight Tickley Feather 2' 11''
1978 Fastxylophoneleaking Roof Tickley Feather 1' 20''
Night Chant Tickley Feather 1' 00''
Keyboards Is Drunk Tickley Feather 3' 10''
Sorry Party Tickley Feather 1' 52''
Night Train Tickley Feather 3' 29''
Rain Bucket Tickley Feather 38''
Tonight Is The Nite Tickley Feather 2' 51''
Lookout What's Next Tickley Feather 1' 26''
Convention Tickley Feather 2' 30''
The Bone Hits It With A Drumstick And Then Your Skin Has A Switch Tickley Feather 12''
I'm Magicbathtime Tickley Feather 1' 53''

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