Compact Disco

Keplar keplar 003
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tigrics is robert b. from budapest. and austria is the country where he could enjoy a certain interest so far. fritz ostermeier dedicated a one-hour 'blaue lagune' on fm4 to him (who knows the 'blaue lagune', knows also that this is a kind of quality assurance). also the skug reported on him and susanna niedermayer (ö1 / fm4) provided him with several loudly acclaimed live gigs in austria, within the scope of a east europe series she organized.
The album contains13 tracks between dancing, starting-to-dance and lying-relaxed-in-some-corner, always with a wink.

Tigrics: Compact Disco

Budapet's Tigrics 2'28''
Public Gameover Tigrics 4'01''
Departure Tigrics 4'28''
I Cannot A Ford Tigrics 3'52''
My Folk Tigrics 3'49''
My Solutions Tigrics 5'14''
Take Them Off! Tigrics 2'30''
Ve Tigrics 2'27''
Summercake Tigrics 3'38''
Floh-Markt-Strategie Tigrics 5'35''
Stream (A Little Stream Of Me) Tigrics 4'48''
Your Skirt, My Rhythms Seemed Like Future Tigrics 6'13''
The Keplar Bicycle Tigrics 8'51''

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