The Something Rain

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  • LP: Includes download, 180 gr Vinyl
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The Something Rain is tindersticks ninth studio album and like its predecessors The Hungry Saw and Falling Down A Mountain it projects a bold spirit, something charged with what Uncut described as a "restored self-belief, again loving doing what they do and doing it better than anyone else”. Though within The Something Rain there is something else; the band, the ideas are formed - it touches what it is reaching for.

Tindersticks’ recent history is a story of gradually rebuilding following a period, around 2003, of breaking it all down. It was a painful time, but it is only now that they feel those hard decisions were the right ones . Their music has grown into a different shape that could never have been found by holding on to the past. Since reforming they have been ever progressive, never looking back. This was felt most accutely on their recent soundtrack work for Claire Denis and the accompanying ambitious cinematic live shows, and culminating in the making of The Something Rain.

Tindersticks: The Something Rain

Chocolate Tindersticks 2' 00''
Show Me Everything Tindersticks 2' 00''
This Fire Of Autumn Tindersticks 2' 00''
A Night So Still Tindersticks 2' 00''
Slippin' Shoes Tindersticks 2' 00''
Medicine Tindersticks 2' 00''
Frozen Tindersticks 2' 00''
Come Inside Tindersticks 2' 00''
Goodbye Joe Tindersticks 2' 00''

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