Tom Armstrong

The Sky Is An Empty Eye

Tompkins Square TSQ 5357 LP
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Tompkins Square's recent double-LP, Imaginational Anthem vol 8: The Private Press shed light on forgotten, impossibly rare guitar recordings spanning several decades. TOM ARMSTRONG's The Sky Is An Empty Eye is the first of several reissues planned by Tompkins Square of full albums by artists featured on IA8. Armstrong's self-released LP from 1987 sports blissed out acoustic numbers like the one featured on IA8, along with some electric workouts and even a deep pysch vocal tune. Tom's main mode of distribution for the album was handing the LP to drunken patrons at a bar in Pinos Altos, NM. Now Tompkins Square makes it a bit easier to acquire.

Tom Armstrong: The Sky Is An Empty Eye

White Pines Tom Armstrong 2' 00''
The Thing Tom Armstrong 53''
Dream Waltz Tom Armstrong 1' 24''
Burleske Tom Armstrong 22''
Keller Tom Armstrong 1' 14''
The Sky Is An Empty Eye Tom Armstrong 1' 19''
Winter Lament Tom Armstrong 1' 19''
Mama's Baby Tom Armstrong 31''
Bebop Tom Armstrong 57''
Thunder Clouds Tom Armstrong 2' 00''

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