Tooth Decay


Mansions and Millions MAMI03MC
  • MC: Edition of 50 hand numbered copies
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Mansions and Million's most recent dispatch from Berlin's musical underground is a limited release of Tooth Decay's Spectromorophology, 40 minutes of modular synthesizer explorations. While exercises in electronic noise can often prove to be tests of sonic endurance or directionless psychedelic rambles, the two tracks here are dynamic, structured, and almost narrative in their transformations. A-side "Glacial Remains" emerges as a swirl of metallic, zither like tones, which grow from a Raga-like buzz to an imposing acoustic presence invoking thick steel cables and church bells, before moving into a glitchy shuffle reminiscent of a Henry Flynt freakout and dissolving into a pure electric drone which evolves into a rich urban-industrial soundscape. Side B, "Damnation Memoriae" is like journeying to the afterlife from deep inside a cello, as heavy bowstring sounds give way to ever-rising celestial tones, linking to a third movement marked by incomprehensible speech fragments and the ghosts of a theater organ.

Tooth Decay: Spectromorphology

Glacial Remains Tooth Decay 19' 50''
Damnatio Memoriae Tooth Decay 19' 57''

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