Toro Y Moi

Causers Of This

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This multi-cultural juggernaut gathers up the best musical elements from around the globe - R&B, Indie Rock, Electronic Dance and Psychedelia —and creates something-freaking-else! Over the course of his first groundbreaking full length “Causers Of This”, Toro Y Moi turns the aforementioned musics upside-down with his breathtakingly innovative approach. The incendiary power of Toro Y Moi’s funky synth and guitar play, pumping digital rhythms and gorgeously bright vocal harmonies makes for a formidable combination. A soon to be masterpiece of a currently unnamed genre.

Toro Y Moi: Causers Of This

Blessa Toro Y Moi 2' 44''
Minors Toro Y Moi 3' 03''
Imprint After Toro Y Moi 3' 04''
Lissons Toro Y Moi 2' 14''
Fax Shadow Toro Y Moi 2' 51''
Thanks Vision Toro Y Moi 3' 44''
Freak Love Toro Y Moi 2' 52''
Talamak Toro Y Moi 2' 28''
You Hid Toro Y Moi 3' 25''
Low Shoulder Toro Y Moi 3' 36''
Causers of This Toro Y Moi 6' 07''

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