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Chicago-based guitarist Trevor Shelley de Brauw (Pelican, RLYR) has announced the release of his first solo album — a collection of power-ambient compositions entitled Uptown. The album is a stream of consciousness sustained for too long, an aural pendulum swinging between poles of murky distress and cathartic resolve that take shape somewhere in the hazy valleys between rock, ambient and experimental music.

Trevor de Brauw’s twenty-year musical career has manifested as an exploration of the vast possibilities of the guitar. This release departs from the riff-oriented songwriting of Pelican, taking a plaintive approach that unravels the meditative depth of washed-out riffs, deconstructed drones, and carefully controlled feedback. The album delves into complex dimensions of deeply layered textures: an evocation of haunting melodicism that shares more common ground with Brian Eno’s ambient work and drone wizards Barn Owl than it does a metal record.

"Powerful drones are balanced with delicate guitar riffs. Savor every detail or zone out completely, you’ll find it’s equally rewarding in entirely different ways." FACT

Trevor De Brauw: Uptown

A New Architecture Trevor De Brauw
Distinct Frequency Trevor De Brauw
They Keep Bowing Trevor De Brauw
You Were Sure Trevor De Brauw
Turn Up For What Trevor De Brauw
From The Black Soil Poetry & Song Sprang Trevor De Brauw

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