Tru West

The DOWC Part 2

Marmo Music MARMO 002 EP
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The second chapter of Tru West`s DOWC saga, starting from where we were left at: the ritualistic afro march of Dj Sotofett marking the invasion of the wild over the falling western civilization.

The opening original `A Rock in a Cop`takes us back straight into battle. The struggling psychotic progression of Raffaele`s clarinet is a fierce resistance against the overwhelming tribalism of the raw drums. The escalation of violence and blood culminates with the desperate wrenching screams of Rufus.

`We Have Your Money, What Can You Do Now ?` is the soundscape of a post-apocalyptic scenery, dominated by wind and fire. The sound of sampled crockery suggests a shy presence of human beings left to a primitive condition, pillaged of their traditional comforts and technologies.

Flip side may leave you surprised after the engaging listening experience of side A. Mass Prod drops a muscular techno tool softening and reducing Tru West`s original elements to a dreamy swinging background.

Harmonious Thelonious remix particularly fits the role of outro for this record. Sun rays finally bless the ruins of a wasted land. His progressive afro-wave interpretation leads the listener to a glorious sunset view full of hope and mysticism.

Tru West: The DOWC Part 2

A Rock In A Cop Tru West 2' 33''
We Have Your Money, What Can You Do Now? Tru West 11' 48''
Mass Prod's Tru Western (Mix) Tru West 6' 17''
Harmonius Theolonious Sunset Liturgy Tru West 6' 18''

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