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Following a long-player 'Orbiter' on Avenue 66 and an untitled single for Office Recordings earlier last year, mysterious producer Trux follows up with a brand new EP simply titled 'Eleven'.

Throughout the record, textures of mind-bending ambient, dreamy harmonics and crushed, lo-fi experiments are manipulated across the 8-track 12" marking Office's fifteenth release.

The record sits among a discography of artists that includes Iron Curtis, Christopher Rau and of course, label-owner Baaz.

Trux: Eleven

Another World Trux 1' 00''
Behaviour Trux 1' 00''
Earth Floor Trux 1' 00''
Sleeper Trux 1' 00''
Eleven Trux 1' 00''
Give It Up Trux 1' 00''
Prelude Trux 1' 00''
Soda Trux 1' 00''

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