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UUUU are Edvard Graham Lewis, Valentina Magaletti, Matthew Simms & Thighpaulsandra

Two new tracks from this ongoing project featuring members of Coil, Wire and Tomaga. The flirtation with a head expanding motorik music as hinted at on their debut self-titled double album is given the space required to unfold on this new EP. Electric Blanket chugs along with perpetual percussion, blankets of feedback and state of the art electronics all embedded with a spectral melody that encircles proceedings as all sonic proceedings veer out further into more mystical ambient planes. On the flip Nice Setting places a strange short spoken narrative at the centre of a shifting sonic landscape of skittering electronic debris and a deep shifting sea of sound. A vibraphone holds proceedings together before once again we head out into the glorious cosmic ether. UUUU are an outfit unashamedly embracing the fantastic - audio as a tool for an unlimited imagination.


Electric Blanket UUUU 12' 05''
Nice Setting UUUU 10' 30''

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