The Art Of Spectres

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Covering a large pan of genres, Ultraphallus defines their sound with some accents from different styles including Western Music, Death metal, Doom-Rock, Avant-garde Psychedelia and Electronic Soundtracks, as a tribute to Rock Culture.

Seven tracks were recorded in four days at Drop Out Studios, South London, with Tim Cedar (Part Chimp leader, Hey Colossus, ex-Penthouse...). Tracks are inspired by The Residents, Marc Bolan, Mark Frechette and Zabriskie Point, Swans, Autechre, David Bowie, Eva Ionesco, Polanski's movie 'the Tenant' and Death-Metal.

Ultraphallus: The Art Of Spectres

The Blood Sequence Ultraphallus 3'22''
Madrigal Lane Ultraphallus 6'54''
Let Him Be Alistair Ultraphallus 6'10''
The Death of Mark Frechette Ultraphallus 1'23''
Whitewasher Ultraphallus 7'12''
Eva Ionesco Ultraphallus 5'15''
Sinister Exaggerator Ultraphallus 6'13''

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