Kikimora Tapes KMT012
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After launching Kikimora Tapes with the first Unfollow release in 2015, Toronto-based producer and Kikimora Tapes label head Tony Boggs went on to re-form Desormais with Mitchell Akiyama, recording their first release in 10 years “Drown Variations” and performing in Montreal for the Mutek festival in 2016. Unfollow then put out a
release with the U.K. based label Blue Tapes.

Now comes Abracadaver, a tongue in cheek take on the fate that will befall us all. It strips the body of all the sentimentality and mystery of afterlife. Screwed guitar passages, disembodied voices, and found footage punctuate the ten tracks of broken beats and haunted house to outline a mantra of chalk dance floor rubbings and opioid repetitions.

Unfollow: Abracadaver

LinkedIn Unfollow 11'39''
Agonal Algor Unfollow 14'40''
Hearse Matters Unfollow 13'03''
Lying In State Unfollow 6'01''
Household Bleach Unfollow 18'02''
Skin Slip Unfollow 2'40''
Governing Body Unfollow
Kate Kush Unfollow 4'10''
I&I Fluid Co. Unfollow 22'27''
Numb's the Word Unfollow 13'41''
Costume National ( (Arad Acid Mix) Unfollow 11'56''
Tri-State Oxy Blues (Pagan Circuits Mix) Unfollow 26'12''

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