Van Kaye + Ignit

A Slight Delay

Dark Entries DE 083
  • 2LP: Incl. double sided insert + fold-out poster
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Van Kaye + Ignit is the Dutch duo of Ed Van Kasteren (Van Kaye) and Ignatine Bekken (Ignit), who joined forces in the city of Arnhem during early 1980. While at university, Van Kaye was the singer of The MoNoMeN, a local new wave band. By the end of 1979 he had become more interested in the use of electronics and rhythmic industrial patterns. In April 1980 he released a demo cassette with 30 minutes of his own work titled “A Slight Delay". While experimenting with synthesizers and developing extreme sounds, he met Ignit, who had previously worked in the fields of art and performance. Together they recorded their first 4 songs with guest musician Williem Wisselink (Wizzkopf) in the summer of 1981, and released the "Picassos on the Wall 7“ later that year on their own Ding Dong label. Van Kaye + Ignit then began work on their debut 60 minute cassette album, A Slight Delay. Like the 7”, all songs were recorded and mixed by Van Kaye at his home studio on a TEAC A-3440 four-track recorder.

Self-released in 1981, the album pairs conceptual sophistication with disarming naïveté in a way that has been difficult to replicate since the formative years of 'bedroom' electronic music. Both members handle vocals (or non-vocals), and songs feature everything from new wave riffs to slowly shifting oscillator buzzes and eerie electronics over mechanical rhythms.

This reissue includes the entire 11-track original c-60 cassette A Slight Delay, as well as all 4 tracks from the "Picassos on the Wall 7” spread across two vinyl discs. For the first time ever, the original 1/4” master tapes have been transferred and remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The jacket is a replica based on the original A Slight Delay cassette artwork, which was designed by the Van Kaye, with a hand-colored textured photograph resized and laid out by Eloise Leigh. Each album includes an 8x14 double sided insert with photos, lyrics, liner notes by the band, and a fold-out poster.

Van Kaye + Ignit: A Slight Delay

Negroe In N.Y. Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Cool Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Schmerz Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 00''
Love You Generator Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Tonite Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 31''
Into Plan A Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Glad To Be Home Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 31''
Thinktank Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Beach Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 31''
Excerpt From "Toys" Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Picassos On The Wall Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Chapel Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Opera Of Worms Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''
Goin Thru Life Van Kaye + Ignit 1' 30''

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