Various Artists

An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 1 / First A-Chronology 1921-2001

Sub Rosa SR190CD
  • 2CD: Repress, digipack with 52 page booklet
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Sub Rosa presents Volume 1 of a vast anthology of noise and electronic music to be released during the next years in seven volumes. An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 1 begins in the 1920s, with the Russolo Brothers, and looks at each decade in turn - Varése, Cage, Schaeffer, Xenakis, the great pioneers - and shows the first traces of a music that was necessarily revolutionary: electronic music, created from nothing (and hence to be entirely invented).

Some pieces on these CDs are certainly classics, but there are others, which, though old, were distributed informally or never even released. The more contemporary pieces are, wherever possible, previously unreleased. In fact, more than the half of what we listen here is unreleased and unpublished.

This 2xCD comes as a digipak with 52 page booklet. Artists include Luigi & Antonio Russolo, Walter Ruttman, Pierre Schaeffer, Henri Pousseur, Gordon Mumma, Angus Maclise, Tony Conrad & John Cale, Philip Jeck, Otomo Yoshihide & Martin Tétreault, Survival Research Laboratories, Einsturzende Neubauten, Konrad Boehmer, Nam June Paik, John Cage, Sonic Youth, Edgard Varése, Iannis Xenakis, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, Pauline Oliveros, Ryoji Ikeda.

Various Artists: An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 1 / First A-Chronology 1921-2001

Luigi Russolo And Antonio Russolo - Corale Various Artists 00' 00''
Walter Ruttmann - Wochende Various Artists 00' 00''
Pierre Schaeffer - Cinq Etudes De Bruits - Etude Violette Various Artists 00' 00''
Henri Pousseur - Scambi Various Artists 00' 00''
Gordon Mumma - The Dresden Interleaf 13 February 1945 Various Artists 00' 00''
Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad. John Cale - Trance #2 Various Artists 00' 00''
Philip Jeck, Otomo Yoshihide, Martin Tétreault - Untitled #1 Various Artists 00' 00''
Survival Research Laboratories - October 24, 1992 Graz, Austria Various Artists 00' 00''
Einstürzende Neubauten - Ragout / Küchen Rezept Von Einstürzende Neubauten Various Artists 00' 00''
Konrad Boehmer - Aspekt Various Artists 00' 00''
Nam June Paik - Hommage à John Cage Various Artists 00' 00''
John Cage - Rozart Mix Various Artists 00' 00''
Sonic Youth - Audience Various Artists 00' 00''
Edgard Varèse - Poème Electronique Various Artists 00' 00''
Iannis Xenakis - Concret PH Various Artists 00' 00''
Paul D. Miller - FTP Bundle Conduit 23 Various Artists 00' 00''
Pauline Oliveros - A Little Noise In The System (Moog System) Various Artists 00' 00''

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