Various Artists

Bulawayo Blue Yodel

Mississippi Records MRP 117
  • LP: Old-school tip-on jacket, incl. full size booklet
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High lonesome sounds from Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa, 1948-1959: Gorgeous fingerpicked guitar ballads, yodeling, slide guitar, and haunting travel-weary songs by troubadours with a penchant for the fabled American cowboy lifestyle. A stunning fusion of neo-traditional African melodies and early American country-western music. 14 lost classics by George Sibanda, Josaya Hadebe, Sabelo Mathe, Sammy Ngaku, and more, all reissued for the first time from original 78 rpm discs. Co-released with Olvido Records. Includes liner notes with lyrics and old school tip-on covers.

Various Artists: Bulawayo Blue Yodel

Gijima Mfana George Sibanda 1' 25''
Wazibamba EmaRabini Josaya Hadebe 2' 00''
Hambanini Sabelo Mathe 1' 24''
Mbari Ya Ndia Ruru Sammy Ngaku 2' 00''
Ekhaya George Sibanda 2' 00''
Sengihambile Michael Majozi 1' 23''
Nangalena Petrus Mntambo 2' 00''
Yagegetheka Petrus Mntambo 1' 20''
Gwabi Gwabi Intombi Yami Josaya Hadebe 2' 00''
Rosana Sammy Ngaku 2' 00''
Iwe Kusidio Matthew Jeffries 2' 00''
Where You Been, My Lovie? Petrus Mntambo 2' 00''
Bumnadi Josaya Hadebe 2' 00''
Vabereki Clarkson Sithole 1' 24''

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