Various Artists

Buried Country - An Anthology Of Aboriginal Australian Country Music

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Compilation of Aboriginal Australian country music. When we say country, it is a broader category than you might imagine. This LP contains all kinds of sounds. The cosmic organ driven dream song of Black Allan Barker, the drone-y intensely political Glararrwuy Yunupingu, the straight up rocking Warumpi Band, the ballad singing of Maisie Kelly, the down home pop of Bobby McLeod and much more. A diverse cross section of Aboriginal 'country'. All of this material has never been reissued on vinyl before. Political and powerful songs from communities throughout Australia. This is a truly unique LP. Comes with extensive liner notes and photos. A co-release with Flipping Yeah Records.

Various Artists: Buried Country - An Anthology Of Aboriginal Australian Country Music

Black Allan Barker - Take Me Back Various Artists 30''
Galarrwuy Yunupingu - Gurindji Blues Various Artists 30''
Warumpi Band - Jailanguru Pakarnu Various Artists 30''
Kankawa Nagarra - Yanany Baliba Various Artists 30''
The Kooriers - Sick Of Being Treated Like A Mangy Old Dog Various Artists 30''
Jimmy Little - The Coloured Lad Various Artists 30''
Brown Bros - Black & White Cat Various Artists 30''
Dougie Young - They Call It Cut A Rug Various Artists 30''
Maisie Kelly - My Home In The Valley Various Artists 30''
Harry Williams & The Country Outcasts - Streets Of Old Fitzroy Various Artists 30''
Bobby McLeod - The Resurrection Various Artists 30''

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