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Shelter Press Shelter 053 LP
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A subjective compilation by David Le Simple and Vincent Romagny after the three exhibtions cycle ‘Doppelgänger’ at Ceaac curated by Vincent Romagny.

The double LP ‘Doppeldoppelgänger’ is a purely subjective compilation of sound works by artists (Félicia Atkinson, bruant&spangaro), sound from films by artists (David Lamelas), sound poetry and performances (John Giorno, Karl Holmqvist, Lisa Holzer & David Jourdan); of works by very different cult composers (Benjamin Britten, Jean-François Pauvros, Gérard Pesson, Jean-Claude Vannier), legendary groups (Deux Filles) and unclassifiables (Potima Zen Neuman, Joiejoiejoie); and of specially recorded reprises: Aidons Antoine mixing Karl Holmqvist, Melissa Saint-Pierre reprising Colin McPhee, Anne Steffens and Don Niño performing Kurt Weill and David Le Simple mixing « Minh singt seine Sehnsucht ».

The LP reflects the same concern that drove the exhibitions making up the Doppelgänger cycle: avoidance of thematic and formal constraints in in pursuance of shifts in the concept of the « double ». Plus an underpinning of literary texts – whence the many quotations to be found on the sleeve.

Like Gérard Pesson transcribing Brahms's « Fourth Ballad » from memory years after hearing the work (Nebenstück); and like Robert Rauschenberg reading, along with other artist friends of John Giorno, from the latter's Pornographic Poem on the disc of the same name: the task here is to recompose what haunts us and to repeat what moves us.

A1. David Lamelas ‘Reading Film from ‘‘Knots’’ by R.D. Laing’ (excerpt)
A2. Bruant&Spangaro ‘OU-A-O-OUM’
A3. Benjamin Britten ‘A Ceremony of Carols, Op.28 : This Little Babe’
A4. Joiejoiejoie
B1. Potima Zen Neumann ‘. . . . ..Exalt}{Recall.. . . . ‘
B2. Torture {Aidons Antoine Remix, after Karl Holmqvist}
B3. John Giorno (w/ Robert Rauschenberg) ‘Pornographic Poem’ (excerpt)
B4. Gérard Pesson ‘Nebenstück (after Johannes Brahms’s 4th Ballade )’
C1. Lisa Holzer, David Jourdan ‘RR, Relaxed Reading or The Ambient Stylistics of Tan Lin’
C2. Félicia Atkinson ‘Gothic analytics’
C3. Félicia Atkinson ‘Minh singt sein Sehnsucht (mnong gar version)’
D1. Jean–François Pauvros ‘Cri de Coeur’
D2. Karl Holmqvist ‘Torture’
D3. Deux Filles ‘L’Intrigue’
D4. Jean-Claude Vannier ‘Browning’
D5. Jean-Claude Vannier ‘YOUKALI’
D6. Jean-Claude Vannier ‘GAMBANGAN’

Various Artists: Doppeldoppelgänger

A1 - DAVID LAMELAS - Excerpt Various Artists 37''
A2 - BRUANT & SPANGARO - Excerpt Various Artists 31''
B3 - JOHN GIORNO - Excerpt Various Artists 31''
C2 - FÉLICIA ATKINSON - Excerpt Various Artists 31''
D4 - JEAN-CLAUDE VANNIER - Excerpt Various Artists 31''
D6 - GAMBANGAN - Excerpt Various Artists 31''

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