Various Artists

Firenze Sogna! (Itinerari Musicali 1976-1983)

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'Firenze Sogna' is literally a journey of musical itineraries from the legendary Tuscany chief town between the mid-70s and the early 80s, curated by Giampiero Bigazzi, Bruno Casini and Ernesto De Pascale. Influential post-punk act and electronic producers all teamed up with local legends depicting almost 20 years of a constant evolution. It is not simply the Italian way to rock’n’roll, hereby three generations of artists facing the banks of Arno river forged a memorable artistic season. Stalwart ok kosmische psychedelia Sensation’s Fix altogether with EBM forerunners Neon, astonishing etno-world travelers Zeit (the Italian answer to late Popol Vuh ?) and electro pioneer Alexander Robotnick , no wave heroes Rinf and rock in opposition alumni Bella Band (Cramps Records). 23 tracks split between two lps, a revelation of sort.

Various Artists: Firenze Sogna! (Itinerari Musicali 1976-1983)

Music Is Painting In The Hair Sensation Fix 3' 27''
Picchia e Ripicchia Insieme 5' 05''
Mattutina Bella Band 4' 40''
Intervista a Antonio Aiazzi --- 57''
Anniversary Litfiba 4' 25''
Illusione Ottica Diaframma 3' 46''
Intervista a Federico Fiumani --- 58''
Tintarella di Luna Café Caracas 2' 16''
Situation Alcool 3' 21''
Deborah Mugnions's Rock 3' 18''
Caledonia Mr Blues 5' 17''
Intervista a Ernesto De Pascale --- 51''
Let's Get Four Funky Steps Lightshine 3' 36''
Fratelli Italiani Naif Orchestra 4' 37''
Was Besonders Rinf 3' 24''
Problèmes D'Amour Alexander Robotnick 3' 40''
Information Of Death Neon 4' 51''
Intervista a Maurizio Dami --- 42''
La Bustina Avida 3' 41''
Pazzum Pazzia Collettivo Victor Jara 4' 05''
L'Italia Che Vola NEEM 4' 36''
Tijuana, Frontiera A Nord-Est Magazzini Criminali 1' 47''
Una Danza Infinita Zeit 3' 13''

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