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It Takes A Village: The Sounds Of Physical Therapy

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Daniel Fisher, AKA Physical Therapy, is an artist of many faces. Bouncing from techno to jungle, IDM to disco— often under the moniker Physical Therapy, elsewhere as house duo Fatherhood, and sometimes under a slew of untold aliases — his catalogue can be a confounding proposition to decode.

But no longer. "It Takes A Village: The Sounds Of Physical Therapy" contains 11 unreleased tracks from 9 different aliases and collaborations, and is the definitive primer for the sly producer and DJ's enigmatic work.

Across Village’s two discs, we see Fisher explore the seams and folds of electronic music's various sub-genres. On disc 1, we get jazz-inflected breakbeat science from Jungle Jerry and bass rumbling instrumental hip-hop from Green Buddha. The irascible pairing of Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure offer one of their signature disco-edits. "Ya Carrying" a collaboration with Michael Magnan as Fatherhood, imagines classic house through a digi-dub prism.

On disc 2, Fisher flexes his techno muscles. Proto-hardstep by Physical Therapy, psychedelic bongo driven techno by Buckaroo!, pumping electro fusion by DJ Overnite, and deep warehouse soul by Stefan Proper. The compilation ends with an ambient cleanse by Fisher’s "no kick drums allowed" project, Car Culture.

Various Artists: It Takes A Village: The Sounds Of Physical Therapy

Jungle Jerry - You Are Now Listening to the Quiet Storm Various Artists 5' 24''
Green Buddha - Green Buddha Various Artists 3' 40''
Physical Therapy - Male Tears Various Artists 2' 56''
Physical Therapy - Angel of the Morning Various Artists 3' 41''
Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure - Over the World Various Artists 4' 23''
Fatherhood - Ya Carrying Various Artists 5' 18''
Physical Therapy - Mischief Maker Various Artists 4' 28''
Buckaroo! - Hand Tool Various Artists 3' 45''
DJ Overnite - My Medicine Various Artists 5' 22''
Stefan Proper - Known Travelr Various Artists 4' 57''
Car Culture - CC #5 Various Artists 3' 19''

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