Various Artists

King Bullard Version (Songs of the BOS Label)

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  • LP: Color vinyl
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On Cleveland’s late ‘60s gospel scene, the BOS label was the refined, professional ying to Boddie’s lo-fi yang, galloping to the fore bearing a torch for Curtis Mayfield’s robe-wearing roots. Founded by gospel impresario James Bullard, BOS is the first chapter in story that includes stints producing major spiritual albums for the Birthright, Roadshow, and Word labels. BOS got its start inside Lester Johnson and Bill Branch’s Way Out concern, running the devotional wing of Cleveland’s largest black-owned record company, and picking up a ton of Way Out’s soulful flavor in the process. Compiled here are BOS’s less traditional moments—12 bridges between FM R&B and AM sermons from a time when those worlds were splitting apart.

Various Artists: King Bullard Version (Songs of the BOS Label)

The War Is Over Sensational Saints 3' 17''
My Life Will Be Sweeter Trumplettes 3' 07''
Unity Mighty Imperials 3' 30''
I've Been To The Top Of The Mountain Trumpelettes 3' 44''
We Need Him Now Mighty Imperials 2' 50''
Glory, Glory Capitalaires 3' 43''
Thank You For Bringing Me Out The Friendly Seven featuring Betty Thompson 2' 24''
Why Am I Treated So Bad Southern Echoes 2' 17''
I Had A Talk The Friendly Seven featuring Philip Brown 2' 37''
You Don't Know My Trouble Trumpelettes 4' 14''
Walk Through The Valley Sensational Saints 3' 12''
Burden Down Southern Echoes 5' 31''

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