Various Artists

Sichten 1

Raster-Music r-m180
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»sichten« refers both to »opinions« as well as the »examination of material«. in lose sequence, we will invite friends and colleagues, but especially music lovers to share their opinions on music with us or to look through their collected materials in order to present music that tends to be out of the focus of current media channels.
as a label for electronic music our focus is on examining exactly this genre. but in the context of the series, we are rather looking for more hidden, unknown, perhaps forgotten music. we want to present the yet undiscovered, and also offer a platform for other cultural environments with different musical approaches.
each issue will be supervised and compiled by a curator. an introductory text shall explain the ar- tistic approach of the respective curator. in this sense, the format of a double lp can only provide a first insight and wants to invite to a more in-depth research.

for the first issue of the series, »sichten 1«, we asked frank bretschneider to compile his own, very personal selection of current electronic music. his choice fell on six artists, whose different styles me- ander between accessible music on the one hand and very abstract compositions on the other hand.

a1 zavoloka. transmutatsia
a2 mimicof. love control feat. hprizm
a3 benjamin brunn. joy
a4 horses
b1 mads e. nielsen. unfold
b2 mads e. nielsen. unt. percussion loop
b3 mimicof. spark
b4 pierce warnecke. bogusstratagem
b5 mads e. nielsen. circles
c1 zavoloka. inflame
c2 rodeo
c3 gauchos
c4 benjamin brunn. alloy
d1 pierce warnecke. shiftform
d2 pierce warnecke. hddxenoglossy
d3 mads e. nielsen. framework 12
d4 mimicof. cycle
d5 benjamin brunn. coy

Various Artists: Sichten 1

Transmutatsia Various Artists 5' 56''
Love Control (feat. HPRIZM) Various Artists 3' 46''
Joy Various Artists 4' 15''
Horses Various Artists 5' 59''
Unfold Various Artists 3' 04''
Untitled Percussion Loop Various Artists 2' 38''
Spark Various Artists 2' 35''
BogusStratagem Various Artists 3' 35''
Circles Various Artists 3' 43''
Inflame Various Artists 4' 34''
Rodeo Various Artists 5' 28''
Gauchos Various Artists 5' 05''
Alloy Various Artists 5' 01''
ShiftForm Various Artists 3' 43''
HDDXenoglossy Various Artists 4' 54''
Framework 12 Various Artists 1' 54''
Cycle Various Artists 3' 39''
Coy Various Artists 3' 59''

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