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Strike 100

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I had a dream …

Get ready for a whiff of nostalgia from the Shitkatapult crew – who, when, where and why? They had a dream of music, freedom and adventure: let’s start a label, a music hub, a base, a platform!
From the wisp of a dream to tangible reality: while Stormbow, the rock band of Marco Haas (aka T.Raumschmiere) served as a precursor, Strike 01 started the label’s new countdown. A collection of friends and colleagues, “Cozmic Suckers (vol. orange)” hurled SHITKATAPULT into the world with a bang, gritty crackles, expansive sounds, cool experiments and warm, optimistic boldness for the floor, the bedroom and everything in-between.
Pan, zoom, cut: eleven years and a cool 100 releases down the line, Shitkatapult celebrates its adrenaline-soaked anniversary with “V.A. – Strike 100”. Available on double CD and triple vinyl, the compilation takes the label back to its dreamy vision, a spiky, feverish, beautiful thicket, and throws together 25 “listening/electronica/ambient” highlights not a million miles away from, say, a Weimarian or Leningrad master class of electronic music. An FBI of beauty and honesty. While the majority of tracks are exclusives for this special occasion (The Orb, T.Raumschmiere etc.), some were culled from previous records (Soap&Skin, Das Bierbeben, Judith Juillerat) or dug up and licensed from the classics vault for an overall oeuvre of unrivalled proportions:

Take Apparat’s stunning Johnny Cash remix, for example, or Bus reworked by AG Penthouse or Julia Hummer’s heart-wrenching collaboration with Pluramon, „If Time Was On My Side”, an apt motto for the assembled artists, dedicated to music despite all odds. But why do it? Because it makes sense, say the wistful woods of this record, caught in the delicious delusion of elves and fly agaric …
Bianca Strauch’s exceptional – and exceptionally fitting – cover art creates the right setting for Simona Danciu’s beautiful woodland image, the winning entry of the following competition: “Dear fans, please mail us an image for Strike 100. Send us your dreams, just like we will continue to send you ours. Dito, dato, daditivo – it will always go on.”

Various Artists: Strike 100

Lass Knattern! T.Raumschmiere 2' 29''
I Heard The Lonesome Whistle Blow (Apparat Rmx) Johnny Cash 4' 08''
Laissez-faire Tom Thiel 5' 29''
Outside On A Cold Day Felix 6' 01''
Escapismo Ismael Pinkler 2' 04''
Delirium Das Bierbeben 4' 27''
Oopa The Orb 6' 14''
Noizenov10 Kero 5' 15''
Die Seele Ben Lauber 3' 51''
Bo-Peep Judith Juillerat 3' 48''
Picnic On A Minefield Warren Suicide 3' 40''
The Forest Daniel Meteo 1' 13''
Happening Tone (Played Live By Frank Bretschneider) Frank Bretschneider 10' 20''
If Time Was On My Side (feat. Julia Hummer) Pluramon 6' 06''
Viscosity (Dj Flush Remix) Krater 5' 14''
All Schieres 4' 59''
Inoktu Dalglish 6' 35''
Brother Of Sleep Soap&Skin 2' 49''
Melodie (In Abwesenheit Des Komponisten) Richard Lautenschläger 4' 57''
Schubräuber Anaphie 6' 26''
-73ºc Shrubbn!! 5' 17''
Lastkahn Fenin 4' 42''
Solarain Peter Grummich 2' 36''
1003 Lullabies Anders Ilar 5' 43''
Westen (Ag Penthouse Rmx) Bus 8' 26''

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