Various Artists

Thousands Of Eyes In The Dark

Ghostly International GI-345
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New from Ghostly's SMM Series: an ambient collection celebrating international talent with an outward gaze. Ten original works of contemporary melodic and incidental electronics — fragments, moods, vignettes — sequenced as one continuous suite, a pairing of personal expression with wide angle vision.

Feat. Sarah Davachi, Space Afrika, Emily A.Sprague, Suzanne Kraft (as SK U Kno), Orcas and many more.

Various Artists: Thousands Of Eyes In The Dark

Cut and Faze SK U Kno 4' 57''
Mesa Emily A. Sprague 4' 48''
This Was Us Grand River 2' 51''
Woman in the Dunes Tadd Mullinix 4' 12''
Sybil Sarah Davachi 4' 49''
Rills Orcas 4' 20''
Angel Epicenter Khotin 4' 52''
Shepherd Canyon Saariselka 4' 25''
Canu Space Afrika 4' 19''
Thalfang Yosi Horikawa 5' 24''

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