Various Artists

Visible & Invisible Persons Distributed In Space

Numero Group NUM104
  • LP: Gold metallic pyramid fold-out sleeve
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Ten incredible albums culled from the deepest, weirdest co-op of record enthusiasts ever gathered under one banner. We’ve spared no expense packaging these, pairing the idea of the Art of Compilation with living and breathing art, creating little fortune cookies baked in a factory of forgotten dreams. Video games, pyramids, trading cards, matchbooks, mazes, lottery tickets, film canisters, yearbooks, and various other exercises in design absurdity. P-Funk and Prince & the Revolution led the world through the last stellar evolutionary stages of soul music as it was transmogrifiedthrough the pulverizing lens of the 1980s, when African-American culture gave way to an advanced African-Interplanetary civilizations. Self-actualized artists and visionaries followed, reflecting and refracting their own interpretations as if translated by Samuel Delaney or Octavia Butler. This unwieldily titled collection documents ten successful experiments in privately-issued scifi soul music, lonely transmissions from a planet in a state of cultural fugue. Packaged in a one-way portal to the further limits of expression. Some assembly required.

Various Artists: Visible & Invisible Persons Distributed In Space

Just Wish You Were Here E. Willey Von Huff-N-Puff 2' 00''
Metropolis Walter Hawkins 2' 00''
Alibi Eyes Same Womb 2' 00''
You Make Me Feel Brand New Cause & Effect 2' 00''
Candles Candle Tribe 2' 00''
First Time T. Dyson & Company 2' 00''
Now You Sit Alone LaRhonda LeGette 2' 00''
Stay Iron Force 2' 00''
Spaced Out On Your Love Errol Stubbs 2' 00''
Real Life Severed 2' 00''

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