Various Artists

iDEALISM, Volume Two

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The second volume of the iDEALISM series is here, brothers and sisters. This is an attempt to present close collaborators to iDEAL back to back with people making music we love. No specific theme involved, just that we feel there is a certain creative and artistic contact between these artists. On this one, our dear king of filth Sewer Election gives us his new example of total disorientation called "Rutiner", and our new obsession and queen of techno brutalism Alexandra Atnif delivers two killer tracks before you have to flip the record to find Copley Medal (aka Ryan Martin) diving deep into your mind to stimulate the darker parts of your thoughts. The LP closes with world traveller and industrial culture playboy Varg and his hot "Run No More, Pts I & II".

Various Artists: iDEALISM, Volume Two

Rutiner Sewer Election 7' 39''
Deeply Unhappy Alexandra Atnif 5' 51''
Last Strand of Reason Alexandra Atnif 4' 11''
Ger Lopig Copley Medal 10' 05''
Run No More Pts I & II Varg 9' 18''

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