Vision Heat

The Chosen Themes - Program I

Root Strata RS98LP
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Recorded between 2012-2014, Jared Blum's (of GiganteSound, The Talking Book, Blanketship, Vulcanus 68, et al.) Vision Heat project is a laser guided, hyper vintage conflation of early to mid 80's centric production, montage and style. Recalling such luminaries as Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Harold Faltemeyer, Craig Safan and such lofty houses as KPM, Bruton and Parry with nods to oddballs from Russia and the Eastern Bloc, Blum still manages to be forcefully yet effortlessly unique. Inspired by countless soundtrack compilations and blog mixes of rare, foreign library and VHS music, Vision Heat varies in production style and technique as if it were the definitive archive - deftly genre skipping from moody sci-fi suspense, incidental queues and dramatic scores to uplifting electro-boogie, synthpop and cinematic arrangements. Ultimately so much more than an homage, The Chosen Themes are a subtle and skilled conjuring of a full spectrum re-imagined past.

Part one of a two volume set.

Exclusive video stills provided by Jennifer Juniper Stratford.

Vision Heat: The Chosen Themes - Program I

Vision Heat Logotone #4 Vision Heat 31''
Power Windows Vision Heat 1' 40''
Fast Teddy Vision Heat 2' 00''
Fire Escape Vision Heat 1' 05''
Tailing The Chief Vision Heat 3' 23''
Drive to the Dome Vision Heat 1' 34''
Crystal Dreams Vision Heat 1' 55''
Foxx Vision Heat 3' 04''
Ambush Vision Heat 2' 21''
Ambushed Again (Bootleg Excerpts) Vision Heat 1' 22''
The Main Attraction Vision Heat 3' 13''
Ginergy Vision Heat 2' 05''
City Skyline Montage Vision Heat 2' 45''
Route 1 Vision Heat 41''
Tough Break Vision Heat 1' 29''
City Nites Themes 1 & 2 Vision Heat 2' 18''
Highway Jammin' Vision Heat 1' 41''
Thanks for the Party Vision Heat 2' 09''
Crimson Vision Heat 4' 38''

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