Warren Suicide

World Warren III

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World Warren III is the third album of band, collective, piece of art Warren Suicide, formed by Cherie and Nackt from Berlin. And this album is phantasmagorical, literally. A declaration of peace, a gentle giant. Because after Hello/Warren Suicide and Requiem for a missing link, WWIII is abandoning the disruption of genres and binary code, in favor of a third principle: Warren Peace!
Duality does not mean conflict, but serves as a source for a new feeling: being able to pick one of the energies permanently alternating between “war and peace”.
We declare Warren Peace.
Such is the sound of their music, confidently turning away from the past. WWIII is instead a story of science fiction and lust, an analog vision full of optimism. Songs like In Love with the Enemy, Animal Party or Moving Close (with T.Raumschmiere as guest vocalist) whoosh, chirp and rumble with their very own, unheard-of groove. The spirit of a sound is conjured, as plug-in-esk as a book, as a Technicolor film, like a cinematic journey, captivating as anything. This music has carte blanche and chooses freedom: in love and in anarchy.
Wanting more, that’s the principle Warren Suicide have been building on right from the start.

Warren Suicide: World Warren III

We Declare Warren Peace Warren Suicide 5' 34''
Hello Mom Warren Suicide 3' 58''
Fuck Off Happy Warren Suicide 3' 18''
In Love With The Enemy Warren Suicide 6' 31''
Cyberkid Warren Suicide 4' 48''
Moving Close (feat. T.Raumschmiere) Warren Suicide 4' 32''
Forgive Me Warren Suicide 4' 37''
Animal Party Warren Suicide 3' 33''
Hollywood Yourself (feat. T.Raumschmiere) Warren Suicide 3' 57''
Short Message Warren Suicide 4' 55''

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