Wes Tirey

Black Wind

Scissor Tail Editions SCTR042
  • LP: Ltd. edition of 250, numbered and letter-pressed on heavy Speckletone paper
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On Black Wind, songwriter / guitarist Wes Tirey makes the case for quality over quantity. After a stream of well received cassettes, he assembled a reserved trio and laid down the soft law on a single night. Whereas his previous releases were turned inward, this album opens out like Terence Malick meditating on prairie grass. The arrangements are spacious, simple structures of voice and acoustic guitar, with sparse backing from a telecaster and a trap kit. In addition to this fine album on Scissor Tail Records is a thematically linked book to be released by Cabin Floor Esoterica. Titled Melodrama Blues: Selected Lyrics of Wes Tirey, it collects writings from Black Wind and three past albums, all related via Tirey’s feel for a mythological americana, the threads of surrealist biblical imagery that underlie our cultural cosmos.

"Tirey rides the river like Mark Twain, turning his adventures into troubador stories with rich melodies and disorienting noise." —KEXP

Wes Tirey: Black Wind

All The Livelong Day Wes Tirey 2' 00''
Sojourn Wes Tirey 2' 00''
Lois Wes Tirey 2' 00''
Final Voyage Wes Tirey 2' 00''
I Wonder As I Wander Wes Tirey 2' 00''
Black Wind Wes Tirey 2' 00''

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